Oxnard residents take over street in justice rally for Megan Hockaday

By Scotty Reid

Oxnard residents took over a street intersection which attracted a heavy police presence in the California community. Residents were angry over the police killing of Megan Hockaday, a 26 year old black female who was shot five times in the stomach while allegedly holding a knife.

Witnesses have stated it took less than 20 seconds for police to kill Hockaday once they arrived to investigate a domestic violence call placed by Hockaday’s boyfriend. Children were also present and witnessed the shooting.

Oxnard residents on bullhorns blasted the police saying they belong in prison and at least one sign on display read “F**K The Police”.

The public has become increasingly restless after video surfaced of the outright murder of South Carolina resident Walter Scott. Today another video surfaced showing a 73 yr old undercover reserve officer shooting an unarmed Eric Courtney Harris while he was being taken into custody by other officers.

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