Racism/Terrorism Report Vol. 1 Issue 6

Dozens across the US arrested during police brutality protests

Two police officers were also attacked during the protests in the city’s … Second man arrested and An Noor mosque searched by terrorism police … question 61-year-old for conspiracy to murder Syrian preacher found shot in … police brutality rallies; mayor condemns use of protest as cover for violence. Read more…

After Walter Scott’s murder, police try to divide the movement Workers World

As the whole world knows, Walter Scott, a 50-year-old African American, was fatallyshot in the back multiple times by a white police officer, Michael T. Read more…

Teaching citizens how to shoot better video when they witness brutality

Video that captures violent abuse by police or a government can send … Scott was shot in the back and killed by a police officer in North Charleston, … ANIETIE EWANG, Social and Economic Rights Action Center: I see a lot of terror. Read more…

Being a Black Male in America: Racism and the Police

Watching the dastardly shooting of Walter Scott by Officer Slager sent cold … At the heart of this unmitigated violence and killings of black men by police … Racism is a learned behavior; just like terrorism or hatred and other … destiny in the throes of police brutality,violence, incarceration, joblessness. Read more…

6 modern-day Christian terrorist groups our media conveniently ignores

Eastern Lightning’s other acts of violence have ranged from the killing of a … had much to say about the Islamist brutality of Boko Haram, but one terrorist group … One likely target, according to Israeli police, was Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa. Read more…

‘Days of Rage’ scorns George Jackson Brigade, but Northwest radical group won’t be ignored

Now Burrough is back with the story of another FBI war, this one 40 years later. “Days of Rage” chronicles the anti-government revolutionary groups of the 1970s that grew out of the Vietnam War protests and Civil Rights Movement. You remember: The Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, FALN. It’s a big book (548 pages), and it tells fascinating stories. Read more…

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