Protests erupt in wake of death of Freddie Gray injured while in custody of Baltimore police

By Scotty Reid

Protests and demonstrations have erupted in Baltimore after the death of 27 yr-old Freddie Gay who suffered a broken spine among other injuries he suffered while in custody of the Baltimore Police department which has been under fire for police violence and corruption.

Commenting on the video, Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said at no time while watching the video did he see police brutality despite the video showing Baltimore cops dragging an injured Freddie Gray who is screaming in pain before being thrown into a metal paddy wagon instead of paramedics being called to attend to his injuries.

The next time the public learned of Freddie Gray was a report that he was in a ICU unit in a coma with an broken spine and an injured windpipe. Now Freddie Gray has died and the Baltimore police brass and Mayor are short on answers. The police thus far have failed to state why Mr. Gray was targeted and taken into custody.

Despite the heighten public scrutiny, police violence in the USA continues unabated suggesting once again these are not random occurrences but a systemic problem.

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