Hillary Clinton must be questioned on US backed overthrow of Libyan government

4-21-2015 12-46-59 PM

By Scotty Reid

As reports of the latest alleged ISIL/ISIS video showing the beheading of Ethiopian Christians in Libya are circulating, very few are questioning the the Obama administration’s decision to turn on its Libyan ally and help Arab militia groups overthrow the government. In 2011 various Obama administration officials circulated false and questionable intelligence reports that Libyan Prime Minister Muammar Gaddafi was going to slaughter Muslims who were protesting in Benghazi. That information turned out to be as false as the so-called intelligence that Saddam Hussein held stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.  The Bush administration will always be known for the lies it used as justification for the invasion and overthrow of Iraq which by some estimates led to the death of nearly two million Iraqis. Currently there are no estimates on the number of deaths in Libya as a result of the US led overthrow of its secular nation but the death toll continues.

Hillary Clinton, then US Secretary of State in the Obama administration, repeated lie after lie about a Rwanda like genocide about to occur in Libya and she has yet to be asked the hard questions and scrutinized for the administration’s decision to betray a trusted ally in the war on terror. We do not have to ask what Clinton’s role in Libya was, we have the video of her calling for Qaddafi’s murder at the hands of the Arab militias that to this day continue to ethnically cleanse the once stable nation. We have video of Clinton getting confirmation of Qaddafi’s killing on her infamous Blackberry and then cackling like a sick sociopath celebrating the sitting prime minister’s murder.

Hillary Clinton has yet to be seriously questioned by the mainstream media or the Republicans for that matter on her role in the decision to turn Libya into a terrorist’s playground where mass beheading of Christians are occurring 4 years later and African migrants are continuously being hunted down and murdered. The boats capsizing off the coast of Libya drowning African migrants is a result of the destabilization of the nation where many such migrants were employed.

2016 presidential candidate is Republican Rand Paul is the only one thus far to even question the overthrow of Libya, a betrayal of a government with whom the United States enjoyed a full diplomatic relationship with that resumed when Qaddafi gave up pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.

The Benghazi hearings which are run by Republican Trey Gowdy of SC, thus far has only been investigating the killing of Clinton’s in country co-conspirator in the sordid affair, deceased Ambassador John Christopher Stevens who was last photographed alive hunched over Qaddafi’s dead body smiling and giving the thumbs up sign.

It is very interesting that so many people are willing to gloss over or even ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton is a co-conspirator in a murder of a sitting Prime Minister of an ally of the United States government.

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  1. I agree Scotty. It is premature to even begin to align ourselves with ANY candidate! Let us not go blindly pinning the tail on any donkeys OR elephants, for that matter, until our planks have been addressed! Be one the million CONSCIOUS Black voters. Get it together people.

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