Black Talk Radio News – Clintons privatized prisons in Haiti, Mr. Sharpton wants federal police

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Tune in for an hour of news, information and social/political commentary. As people look back at the politics of the Clintons, it appears that the Clinton’s were pushing private prisons during the Haitian recovery process and the infamous private enslaver The Geo Group received a non-bid contract to build and operate prisons. We know now that the jobs that were promised to be created by corporations who won contracts from the US State Department and Haitian recovery board which Bill Clinton co-chaired as a non-Haitian, fail far short of the jobs they said they would create. However, business should be good for the The Geo Group since Haiti is an island full of un-employed impoverished black bodies.

The good Rev. Al Sharpton has been pushing the idea of Federalizing police departments in the USA. The good Reverend should know that the majority of police departments are already federalized and under the control of the federal government carrying out federal mandates in the drug war, immigration and modern slavery under the 13th Amendment. It appears that the head of the National Action Network is spreading confusion or being used as a tool bring even more harm to non-white people.

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