The Abolitionist’s Daily – The Law of the Land/GEO Earnings Call

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May 4, 2015

Today we discuss the idea of “the law of the land”, and how people have been going along with it, even when the law was even more obviously geared towards the subjugation and terrorization of African people in America. We also ask you, who exactly was there to enforce the law?

Today we read over GEO Group, Inc’s Quarterly Earnings call with shareholders. As always, they brag about how good they are at slaving, and give us some indication of where slavery is headed for the remainder of 2015, and beyond.

Murder and cheating are no doubt vices that should ideally not be condoned in a society. And ordinarily, one would have expected someone convicted for murder-related charges to serve a longer prison term than someone accused of being involved in cheating, but the case of the Atlanta teachers who were recently sentenced to jail terms of as high as seven years for changing students’ test scores seems to suggest otherwise. We discuss some people who have been convicted for their involvement in killings and yet got away with more lenient sentences than the jailed educators.

Our Unexplainable Black Death Profile is Terrance Kellom- 20 years old, killed by Immigrations & Custom Enforcement officers.

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