Black Talk Radio News – #Black Lives Matter Movement takes over Israel

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During the first segment of the program, we will be joined by Le Ron Barton with Symone Jackson to discuss the strange Fruit of San Jose. Burton and Jackson’s article “Strange Fruit of San Jose: Police Terror in Silicon Valley” covers the deaths of two Black people and one Latino involving in one regards or another the San Jose police department.

During the second segment we examine the running joke in counter-racist circles that black lives do not matter under a system of white supremacy which is true, but all over the world black people are engaging in rebellion, riots, civil disturbances and rallies are all are saying the same thing, black lives matter to Black people.

Video of a Black Israeli soldier being beaten for no apparent other than the racist police terrorism Ethiopians say they face everyday in Israel, sparked an uprising in Tel-Aviv that included thousands of Black people and their allies who compared their plight to that of Blacks in America.

This news and more today on Black Talk Radio News.

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