Video: Man raped by Chicago Police speaks out on the abuse

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By Scotty Reid

In 2012, Angel Perez was targeted by the notorious Chicago Police Department which has a reputation worse than the so-called gangs Al Capone ran in the 1940s during alcohol prohibition. Police corruption is as old as any police department in the United States.

In Angel Perez, drug war gangsters of the Chicago Police Department saw a soft easy target and went to work on him to be their drug war snitch. Going to work on Angel Perez included raping him with a foreign object that Perez believed may have been a gun.

5-18-2015 8-00-35 PMWhat is it with cops and rape because it seems to be like a thing with them? Do they employ a lot of high testosterone males in denial about their homosexuality?

The fact that there are so many cases of cops and prison guards who seem to get off sticking things up people’s anuses warrants a battery of psychological testing of new applicants and current employees alike. Perhaps, “do you like sticking things in people’s anuses” should be question number one on the pre-screening questionnaire.

When the police thugs and rapists could not get Perez to flip they resorted to threatening his family members by saying they would plant drugs and set them up. Let me guess, they have never done that before,

Mr. Perez finally told the savages what they wanted to hear but may have never actually snitched on anyone. He did file a lawsuit against the City and the Police Department concerning his allegations.

Perez said he was tortured at the fast becoming infamous police torture site in Chicago known as Holman Square. Despite numerous complaints, witness statements and other evidence, none of the cops involved in any of the cases pertaining to Holman Square have ever been brought up any criminal charges. This widespread issue of police terrorism in the United States has been the main topic at the United Nations in days past as the USA undergoes its periodic review to see if they are upholding the human rights treaties they have signed.

If by chance you have had not had an opportunity to check out President Obama’s speech about the youth and community policing, let me tell you, that speech did not include any reference to the criminal activities of police in Chicago. As far as the President is concerned, the vast majority of cops are good which begs an explanation on how that is possible when keep seeing research revealing  patterns and practices of racism and police terrorism at departments across the nation.

Former Obama staffer and newly re-elected Mayor Rahm Emanuel just approved a city payout to some of the torture victims of former Police Commander Jon Burge and his band of police terrorists who have never stood trial for their acts of torture and other misconduct. The Mayor’s current handling of Holman Square suggests he is going to go along with the longstanding city policy of non-accountability then it comes to their new slave catchers.

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