Judge allows killer cop to go free in Cleveland manslaughter trial

5-23-2015 11-30-06 AM

By Scotty Reid

Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams both died in a barrage of police bullets after Mr. Russell’s car backfired and police claimed to have believed it was gun fire. After a multi car police chase, several officers fired over one hundred rounds into the vehicle.

Killer Cleveland cop Michael Brelo was the only cop out of 13 who was charged with a criminal offense in the senseless shooting. Brelo jumped on the hood of the car and fired several rounds into the car and was facing voluntary manslaughter charges in the death of Malissa Williams who was a passenger in Russell’s car.

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge John O’Donnell in a strange and confusing verdict said that he found beyond a reasonable doubt that Brelo fired at least one fatal shot into the victim’s chest but he could not determine that the other fatal shots came from Brelo’s gun therefore he found Brelo innocent of the charge of voluntary manslaughter.

So lets review, O’Donnell found beyond a reasonable doubt that Brelo’s fired a fatal shot to William’s chest but because he did not know who fired the other fatal shots, all cops of course, he decided to find Brelo innocent of the charges.

In a coded racist statement, Brelo’s attorney Patrick D’Angelo said, “We didn’t do anything illegal. We didn’t do anything wrong. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let any bully push us around,” he said. “We stood toe-to-toe with an oppressive government trying to put away a law-abiding citizen.”

Another confusing aspect of the case is that with today’s forensic science, it was entirely possible to match the fatal bullets to each and every gun that they were fired from but apparently this was not done as each officer who fired fatal shots should have been charged. It certainly appears the fix was in from the start.

This follows the decision last month of a Chicago judge to let another killer cop go free in the killing of Rekia Boyd despite the judge stating that Chicago Police Detective Dante Servin was reckless in firing his gun into a crowd resulting in her death.

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7 Replies to “Judge allows killer cop to go free in Cleveland manslaughter trial”

  1. Judge John O’Donnell has all the markings of a “political Judge” that is positioning himself a consevative, “tough on crime” stance to fend off Republican opposition in the future. Who contributed to his political campaigns in the past. FOP, PBA ETC ? Is Brelo being preped for re-emlpoyment backed to PD ?

  2. I just saw this. They trying very hard to get us acting up in these streets. Why else would you let these murderers continue go free? He stood on the damn hood of the car and shot into these peoples faces. Codification be damned we cannot remain seated for this shit.

    1. Contrast this case with the case of the prisoners known as the MOVE 9 who were all convicted of killing a cop in Philadelphia who was shot with a single bullet which many contend the fatal shot came from another cop. They have been in prison for decades and remain in prison to this day.

      1. We can compare and contrast all day and we gonna always come up short. That’s why this has to be planned so Black people this country moves in a certain direction. It could be payback for putting a Black man in the White House or it could have been a trade off for him being there. I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, but what the hell is going on here? It’s just as bad as it’s ever been for us here. How much shit we are suppose to shallow? I’m sure this will continue until they get what they want.

        1. Black people have been being killed in this manner by police since the 1600s on this continent. Because of the internet and social media, now we hear about more cases.

          I can not say what should happen except what Robert F Williams said in the 1960s. There is no equal protection under the law for Black people therefore there is no deterrent so Black people are going to have to create the deterrent.

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