Thando Radio Show – The 1933 plot to overthrow the US by Nazi interest

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Live Show Today May 25, 2015 Topic: The 1933 plot to overthrow the US by Nazi interest stopped by Gen Semdley Butler…

The Thando Radio Show covers global current events as relating and effecting the Black community to effectively respond from a position of advantage.

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2 Replies to “Thando Radio Show – The 1933 plot to overthrow the US by Nazi interest”

  1. I love ❤ you Dave Wren. Keep on bringing the BEST Programs for our BLACK PEOPLE. One Love
    And Scotty Reid — You are the Man. Luv U Too.
    Davina Gray

  2. Very good and historically accurate show. The recent sensational racist murders committed by the so-called police are simply the psychological component of an updated Nazi SS. Plan for black people in this country. Germany produced world leaders in the fields of philosophy, psychology, psychiatry and anthropology. Anyone trained in these disciplines studied from textbooks written by Germans. The Frankfurt School pioneered the use of mass media for mind control. Nazism and the SS were created in this climate. Essentially the Nazi Party’s goals as articulated by Hitler have been accomplished: The elimination of a people classified as “untermenschen”, the destruction of the Soviet Union and German domination of the European continent. All in the space of 50 years.(1942-1992)

    Most of the original Nazis brought over by “operation paperclip” have died but their pupils and disciples run every major institution and government agency in this country today. They have scientifically designed the “Final Solution” for the black people in the United States:

    1. 1n 1940 most black families had a father living at home. This had to be stopped. Today 70-90% of black children live in single parent households. This has caused chaos in black communities.
    2. In 1940 most prison inmates were white. This was changed and today most inmates are black. They form the fuel for the prison-industrial complex.
    3. In 1900 blacks owned millions of acres of farmland making them virtually self-sufficient. Today they are dependant on their enemies for survival.
    4. The black woman is the most fertile woman on the face of the earth and the black man the most potent. Left alone there would be as many blacks in this country today as whites. This had to be stopped. Hence the 52% black abortion rate.
    5. By 1950 blacks had built a separate, vibrant and economically growing society under “separate but equal”. This was looted and dismantled through the device of “integration”.

    The inbreds, criminals and unfortunates that flocked to organizations like the KKK, as murderous as they were, were unable to stop black progress in this country. They have been largely replaced by the advocates of scientific Nazism. Abortion of black children, mind control and the creation of exotic, deadly diseases replace the concentration camps.

    PS: You are correct in that the black people need a separate situation for themselves. Separation, reparations and nuclear arms for the black people on the level the state of Israel was granted.

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