Dealing with “Uncle Toms” under war time conditions

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By Scotty Reid

I want to address a point debated in counter-racism circles and one that seems illogical to me and this point, in my view, falls under number 9 on Mr. Neely Fuller Jr’s list of 9 areas of people activity, “War”.

Let me make it clear that you never ever take your eye off of the white supremacist puppet master but it is not wise to ignore the weapons like proxy racists, showcased blacks or whatever term you want to use to describe people’s roles in a society or in a war. Logic in warfare dictates that you develop counter measures to all the weapons of warfare your enemy is known to use and has in his arsenal.

House Negroes, Uncle Toms, Proxy Racists, whatever label you use to describe those who you suspect are operating in a manner counter-productive to defeating refined white supremacists and ending the system of white supremacy and replacing it with justice.

Every branch in the US military has an intelligence department and they sit around all day analyzing data but also managing snitches and recruiting new people to spy for them and anything else that may be needed to carry out a specific military operation.

For the sake of mental clarity, lets take racial classifications out of the equation because often when race is factored in, those on the short end of the racial measuring stick tend to allow emotions to cloud their judgement because they are constantly under the pressure of oppression. They may sometimes develop emotional attachments to other people that would be counter productive to making battlefield decisions.

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Refined white supremacists usually do not let emotions get in the way of their war efforts. They are like the mythical Vulcan race from the Star Trek television series. They operate simply on logic and the golden rule that needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. They will “white sacrifice” as many racist suspects as needed to achieve the overall agenda which is to win the war.

But now that we have excluded race as a factor so as not to cloud our military judgement, lets say in this imaginary war it is the blue uniforms versus the green uniforms. The blues have been successful in recruiting some of the green uniforms to their war effort as double agents to do things like spy, cause confusion and misdirection, whatever the blues need them to do to undermine the green’s war effort.

Some of the green double agents are not very smart so they wear their blue uniforms under their green uniforms as matter of convenience so they quickly change to blue uniforms when they are crossing over to the enemy sides of the battlefield to provide a report on the activities and tactics of the green uniforms. Because they are relatively easy to spot or accidentally expose themselves, once you catch these double agents, you are now faced with a war time decision to make.

What happens to traitors in the people activity of war? They get locked up as prisoners so they can be interrogated and held until the end of the war or depending on how egregious the treachery, they get executed to act as a deterrent to other would be traitors.

Head scratcher

Now ask yourself why this is a part of the established rules of warfare?

Because you can not win a war when you have people in your camp reporting your plans to the enemy and carrying out his agenda to spread confusion among the ranks. This is why COINTELPRO was so effective in destroying the last Black liberation movement of note in the USA.

This is military logic and this is the logic used by those Mr. Fuller calls the smartest on the planet, “the white supremacist”. To not follow this logic and expecting to win a war is quite insane and quite a handicap and makes anything else you are doing to win the war acts of futility.

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  1. Real talk.unfortunately, a whole bunch of black /melanoid people fall into these catogories. When i talk to another black/melanoid male or female, i feel them out about issues such as current events,especially racially charged situations. If they seem like they can converse without deflecting the topic, then i will talk more, but carefully. If they cringe, i drop it. They’re scared. So i pick and choose when i bring up anything nowadays because iknow the overwhelming majority of us are still mentally emotionally and psychologically scarred. But i will not bite my tongue.

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