Another ship found linked to the trade in enslaved Africans

By Scotty Reid

Much is made about those who deny the Holocaust that took place in the 1940s in Germany where an estimated 11 million people were killed by Nazis, including 6 million white people classified religiously as Jews.

Because not many people deny an African Holocaust occurred that saw at least 50 million Africans perish en-route from Africa to South America, North America and the Caribbean Islands, the fact remains that there are people who believe Africans were not shipped in the hulls of ships to these destinations. One of the questions that some of these deniers ask is where are the ships that carried the captives to these foreign lands? When you consider that the exportation of enslaved Africans on ships lasted over 500 years, it is logical to assume that most of these wooden ships would not survive but every once in awhile the wreckage of these ships are found.

The latest find comes off the coast of South Africa where there were ports for the ships engaging in the transport of enslaved Africans. Artifacts from a 200-year-old vessel were recently discovered off the rocky coast of South Africa. The ship was of Portuguese origins and named the SAO JOSE and it sank with up to 400 enslaved Africans on-board en-route to Brazil which has one of the largest Black populations outside of Africa.

It is historical fact that not every Black person in North America were enslaved and the book “They Came Before Columbus” documents the African presence in the Americas well before the mass importation of enslaved Africans. However, one can acknowledge that African presence without denying that Africans were enslaved in huge numbers and exported to North America or any other places chattel slavery has existed outside of Africa.

One important thing to note when talking about slavery and North America and that is the fact that slavery was never abolished per the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution. When we look at the past, it is important to examine the present and the struggle for freedom that is ongoing for many non-white people within the corporate borders of the USA.

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18 Replies to “Another ship found linked to the trade in enslaved Africans”

  1. Another problem with the “black” American is they rarely think about what they are being told. You can tell them anything. Example: The Caribbean is full of coral reef, you mean not one slaveship? Negores will sweep this question under the rug. Example: You believe that your people came over here on boats pissin and shittin and eating, and vomiting in those conditions, the “black” american won’t answer the question, he just sweeps it under the rug.

  2. Yes. But they never show you a ship. You NEVER hear Africans saying that this happened to them. If millions were taken from Africa wouldn’t their population reflect that? They can tell the African America anything, because they are confident that the African American will not question nothing.

    1. I do not know where you get your information from but several African nations have apologized for their role in slavery, there are several historical sites where the enslaved were held prior to being shipped in Africa. Ghana is one of the African nations that offers Blacks in America land as a form of reparations.

      There are historical records as in this case where they found the ship’s manifest.

      Why would anyone lie about this happening?

      You would think that white people (Europeans) would be the only ones denying slavery ever happened but they are not and those who are Trans-Atlantic slavery deniers are a very, very small minority and no matter what evidence is offered they will simply dismiss it as being fraudulent.

      What is the motive for falsifying this history?

      Like I state, Black people migrated to North America way before Columbus so no, every Black person did not come here enslaved on ships, but at least 12 million were. These are facts and no amount of denial is going to change these facts.

      1. I understand all of that Scotty. I know the stories well. But you have to ask, why isn’t this story taught in Africa? Proof of slave ships will help, you can’t produce one, but still claims it happened. Why would anybody lie? Soooo, white supremist don’t lie? What good is a slaveship manifest without the slaveship? 12 million people stolen from a particular place, and the birthrate stays the same? Really? Africans apologizing for their role in slavery is to get you to buy from them, when they buy nothing from you.

      2. They show you pictures of anything. You don’t question it, you just believe it. i mean at least the story should have told you about other successful trips that made it. They don’t have to do that, because one thing that whites know for certain: you can tell black people anything, and they’ll believe it.

        1. White people do not have to show me anything, plenty of African and Black scholars have done the home work. Please answer the question? What is the motive behind falsifying documents about the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade? This conspiracy would have to involve a whole lot of people through the years and a lot of trouble to falsify historical documents. What do white people have to gain by this “hoax”?

          I have even heard you say that DNA testing is a fraud, I guess the studies about the mass migration out of Africa to the rest of the world is a hoax as well?

          Sorry bro, I’m not buying it.

          1. African and Black scholars learn from white people remember? They get to be a scholar cause white people deemed them scholars. When you ask them questions, outside of what their masters told them. They clam up. They know nothing outside of what they studied, they come to the community and tell the grassroots that garbage, causing more confusion…

          2. The reason for falsifying documents is to keep your ass confused. Ask some of your Navy people who’s crossed the Atlantic, is it possible for a ship that size to cross the Atlantic? They will tell you hell naw. Did they take off six months for Hurricane season? Answer these question, you know what you will do? Sweep them under the rug. You know why? because “black” people don’t think, they repeat what other people tell them, and live their lives vicariously through those lies…

      3. Sorry 12 million did not come to North America, they were suppose to come to South America and about 300,000 or so came to North America. But like the holocaust the numbers are consistently revised down

      4. Even the Senagalese Board of tourism will tell you that that slave castles is their version of Disneyland. Unfortunately what “black” people do in America is take everthing they have learned from their masters, and live their lives vicariuosly through what they are told. You never question anything, that’s why you have no answers for simple questions. Sure Africans will apologize, but when you ask them what Author has written a book? What Producer has produces a film? What playright has wrote a play about African being dispersed to the Americas, NONE of them can produce a single person. “black” Americans sweep it under the rug, because they LOVE being victims, and see NO way out.

      5. You ask “black” people in America, who did your grandmama tell you her grandmama was? EVERYONEONE that I have spoken to says her grandmama was a Indian. The negro sweeps this under the rug. For some reason “black” people, think whites give them truth about their history. They believe that white boy, no matter how dumb the story is, and will defend that story without thinking what has been said…

        1. One of the things that I am working on to better myself is not to squabble with other Black people. We are at an impasse and I am working on not belittling other Black people that are confused. I do my own research and the white man has me confused about nothing. Have a good day.

          1. You can’t run forever Scotty. The reality is what it is. Aren’t you tired of seeing of seeing “black” people getting dogged out? Aren’t you tired of the negative karma that ideology has on us? Seasons change Scotty. If we don’t change, we’re doomed…

          2. Scotty is not running from anyone. Whether or not if people believe some Black people were brought here and enslaved or the enslavers rounded up the Black people already here and enslaved them, has nothing to do with the mistreatment of Black people today who are still being enslaved and ignorant people today believe that slavery as a institution has been abolished.

            I have never run from anyone or anything in my life. Have a good day sir.

          3. Cmon Scotty, beliefs are for people who wish and hope, no REALITY at all, yet we believe. Making people feel like they are property(black), is going to keep them in a state of idleness, especially mentally…

          4. Is this platform you are on a reality? It is a reality born of my hands as a result of separating myself from white people’s control. You believe that not one ship laden with enslaved actions happened ever in the history of North America.

            That is a belief that is contradicted by the evidence that you conveniently says is made up by white people. That is an “incorrect belief” that makes no logical sense and not supported by the evidence and you want me to believe that white people faked making a film about finding this ship for reasons you have yet to logically explain.

            I can find nothing productive in squabbling over this issue. Good Day to you.

          5. There is no evidence Scotty, not one shread. Whatever they write you believe. I mean Alex Haley embarrasing himself like that should have told you something. He tells you something, you don’t even question it. You “believe”. Then, when asked to explain what he told you in his own words, you claim that I’m squabbling. For real cuz? The word “black” is no difeerent from bleak and bleach. It means to eradicate. When you utter it, it speeds up the process…

          6. Ask yourself, why are “black” people on the money when currency was first issued in America? Does it seem euro’s MO to drag people from halfway around the world, then put them on the money. You answering that question honestly will open your eyes…

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