Black Talk Radio News – Charleston Terrorist Attack was predictable and preventable

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Tune in for the day’s political/social news of the day. The top news of the day is the white terror attack on one of the oldest Black churches in the USA that was founded out of resistance to white domination.

Before we open up the lines for discussion we will first speak with Jerroll M. Sanders of ONUS Inc. about Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA). Their main interest lies in making policing safer by reducing tension between law enforcement agents and the public. Read more….

Thought of the day,

Why wasn’t Dylan Storm Ruff on a terrorist watch list or was he and US Agencies ignored his very public warning signs?

Questions of the day,

  • What messages may be contained in the terrorist’s choice of target?
  • Should Non-White people create and maintain their own databases of potential white terrorists?
  • What role if any, did corporate media play a role in the programming of a terrorist?
  • What should Black people doing to provide for a secure community and deterrents to future terrorist attacks?

This and possibly more plus your calls today on Black Talk Radio News.

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