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Today we will continue to analyze the terrorist attack in Charleston, SC and the warning signs ignored by most as the rantings of stupid hicks clinging to their guns and some even defending these expression under the 1st Amendment. We have people within our own ranks defending the white supremacist monuments all over this land and not just those celebrating the confederacy.

The KKK spread leaflets last year in the same area where this terrorist attack occurred but Black people failed to take the threats serious just as people said they did not take the white terrorist serious when he told people what he was going to do.

People are describing terrorist attacks on Black people as a distraction but did they call the bombing of the Boston Marathon a distraction? Did they call any of the terrorist attacks that killed a lot of white people distractions? A terrorist attack is not a distraction, it is something that people should pay attention to and prepare for.

A terrorist attack is neither a distraction nor a hate crime. The fact that most people, the corporate news and politicians are not calling the attacks in Charleston, Memphis and Richmond terrorist attacks on Black people and Dylan Storm Ruff is not being charged under terrorism charges is just more evidence of the systemic institutional racism/white supremacy being practiced in this country. The fact that white supremacist groups are protected by the government and not on a list of terrorist organizations makes the US government a state sponsor terrorism. How many cases do we keep hearing about where non-white people are charged as terrorist on terrorist related charges but yet white racists can engage in the same exact behavior and never charged as terrorist.

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