Liberals seek to use black pain for their gun control political aims

BTR News – It never fails and like clockwork, every time there is an attack in the United States that involves mass casualties, immediately Liberals within the Democratic party seek to draw the nation into a gun control debate.

The terrorist attack that occurred on Wednesday night that not only included the horrific massacre of unarmed Black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina but less deadly attacks also occurred in Memphis, Tennessee, and Richmond, Virginia which the corporate national media are largely ignoring instead of connecting the dots. It is absurd to believe that three attacks on the same night is a coincidence. No, in fact, it is a message and one that we hope is heard loud and clear in the Black community.

It was predictable that President Obama would seek to steer the conversation away from white terrorism and towards pushing the Democratic agenda of gun control.

“I’ve had to make statements like this too many times,” the President stated. “It is in our power to do something about it. I say that recognizing the politics of this town foreclose a lot of those avenues right now. But it’d be wrong for us not to acknowledge it.”

What is wrong is that the President of the United States is not acknowledging these attacks are acts of racist terrorism. Yes, the President has correctly made the connection to racism but he never called it an outright act of terrorism. Terrorism as old as the USA itself which was created by terroristic means against the indigenous non-white inhabitants of this land and the terroristic means used to control the stolen labor of Africans.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley who has successfully pushed assault weapons and strict unconstitutional gun control in Maryland that has done nothing to stop gun violence in the state used the racist terrorist attack in Charleston to push gun control as part of his presidential campaign.

“It’s time we called this what it is: a national crisis,” he wrote in his email. “I proudly hold an ‘F’ rating from the N.R.A., and when I worked to pass gun control in Maryland, the N.R.A. threatened me with legal action, but I never backed down.”

Yes, the brutal slaughter of unarmed worshipers and a State Senator points to a long-standing national crisis for non-white people. However, O’Malley and his liberal friends are not calling the attack what it is: an act of racist terrorism.

Seeking to frame the conversation about mental illness and gun control, the Obamas and O’Malleys of the political class seek to avoid the elephant in the room which is white terrorism.

If the conversation is framed around terrorism, then the system which protects white terrorism will be exposed and non-white people and white people alike will be demanding that something is done to address white lone wolf terrorists and white terrorist organizations that inspire them and/or recruit members to spread their message of hate.

As pointed out by a colleague who himself has been a target of US Homeland Security because he is classified as non-white and a Muslim,

“‪#‎DylanRoof‬ in his recent manifesto pointed toward his life-changing experience of beginning to hate African Americans, to the white supremacist terrorist propaganda he read from the ‪#‎CouncilofConservativeCitizens‬.” – Siraj Davis

White supremacist organizations like the Council of Conservative Citizens are mainstream and enjoy the support of very public figures like Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan, stalwarts in white supremacy propaganda politics. They are welcome on major corporate news/opinion networks like Fox News and CNN. While white conservatives may be right on the issue of gun ownership, that does not mean that we should allow the terrorist attacks to be used to sway us to support them politically.

The Black community is beset by enemies on all sides. Both white liberals and conservatives are big supporters of the police state in the USA and are both responsible for the world’s largest prison population filled with non-violent people convicted and sometimes wrongly convicted on drug possession and trafficking charges. Let us not forget who armed the police with assault weapons, tanks, and armored personnel carriers. The prisons are filled with over 700,000 US military veterans with the majority of them being black ex-service members, perfect candidates, once they clean themselves up, to provide security against, would be white terrorist attacks.

Every week it seems that we hear of men and women, mostly non-white and mostly Muslim, being hemmed up on some kind of terrorism charge. Mind you that white people engage in some of the same kind of activities these Muslims are accused of like making social media posts in support of this or that Islamic militant organization. Teenagers are being arrested all over the world as they misguidedly seek to join ISIL, unbeknownst to them, a US government proxy in the Middle East.

White people who make terrorist threats on Facebook towards non-white people and Muslims do not get as much as a visit from Homeland Security. Armed and angry white people can surround a Mosque in the USA and yell all sorts of obscenities and implied threats and law enforcement and politicians will defend these potential violent terrorists as doing nothing more than expressing their First Amendment speech rights to interfere with the freedom of religion rights of non-white people. If these people will brazenly show such open hostility to people doing nothing more than practicing their religion are the same people that will brazenly infiltrate church sanctuaries to commit heinous acts of terrorism.

Robert F. Williams, Malcolm X and Huey Newton.
Robert F. Williams, Malcolm X and Huey Newton.

Black people in the United States have for the most part forgotten the hostile land they live in. They are disconnected from reality and their ancestors and how they survived racist terrorism in this nation. They did not survive terrorism by looking to the racist government of the United States to protect them. They did not look to the police forces in the USA, the very enforcers of slavery and Jim Crow racism. No, those great mean and women clung to their guns and Bibles to protect their lives, property, and liberty from white terrorism.

When the US government and state governments decide that they want to stamp out white terrorism as much as they want to allegedly stamp out Islamic terrorism, then and only then should black people take them seriously and even then, they should still provide for their own common defense.

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