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Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and social/political commentary.

Today we will speak to Mr. Peter C. Harry, a long time resident of Jennings/Flordale Hills Missouri.  Jennings is the town where Michael Brown’s killer, Darren Wilson used to work for the Jennings Police Department. Wilson ended up in Ferguson because the Jennings Police Department was disbanded because of systemic racism, corruption and violence again Black people. Mr. Harry will discuss systemic police corruption and I will discuss the recent report by Amnesty International titled, “Deadly Force: Police Use of Lethal Force In The United States“.

During the second hour, we will speak with Mr. Max Parthas, a spoken word artist, a modern abolitionists and the co-host/co-producer of the weekly radio program New Abolitionists Radio.

Mr. Parthas was at the South Carolina state capital over the weekend spreading the abolitionists message of ending slavery. He will join us to inform us about what he witnessed and a new article by Chris Hedges titled “America’s Slave Empire” which focuses on the Free Alabama Movement and modern slavery in Alabama.

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