Charleston: Why President Obama and Congress have black blood on their hands

By Scotty Reid

In light of the recent, horrific and preventable terrorist attack on the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal in Charleston, South Carolina, it has come to the light that the President of the United States and the US Congress, despite warnings, moved to reduce the staff of the unit tasked with tracking white right wing extremists and potential terrorists down to only one person. This move to eviscerate the unit at Homeland Security happened early in the President’s administration during his first term caving in to Republicans which has become a hallmark of his two terms.

Besides the loss of innocent lives in this brazen and callous attack on a church, the most tragic thing is that this attack might have been prevented if Homeland Security had not been understaffed in the unit that tracked these individuals and organizations. Dylan Storm Roof was very active online, he maintained a website and published a manifesto prior to launching his attack. Being that he was active online, it is reasonable to believe if fully funded and staffed, the unit looking for and tracking people like Dylan Storm Roof may have been able to alert the proper authorities and prevented the taking on nine lives.

Besides the attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on June 17, 2015, black churches were attacked in Memphis, Tennessee and in Richmond, Virginia, areas know for white right wing extremism. The following Wednesday night the very next week, a Black church was intentionally set on fire causing major damage in Charlotte, NC.

The FBI’s response to these terrorist attacks is unacceptable.

Immediately following the attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, FBI Director James Comey who took over in 2013, declared Roof’s terrorist act to not be terrorism despite the killers words and manifesto about why he targeted Black people. No person who believes Black Lives should Matter, should not have any confidence in Mr. Comey’s ability or willingness to go after white right wing terrorist like the FBI has gone after Muslims and 60 plus year-old grandmothers like Assata Shakur.

Politicians of both parties and people who participate in the people activity of politics should be demanding that the domestic terrorism analysis unit of Homeland Security have its staff fully restored and demanding the resignation of FBI Director James Comey. President Obama once said he is the president of “all Americans” but he has failed terribly in protecting all Americans.

It is time that black people stop defending this President and start demanding that he work towards addressing racism and white supremacy like Dr. Francis Cress Welsing said black people should be doing. No more excuses, no more coddling, no more letting President Obama off the hook for assisting racists and advancing the global agenda of white supremacy. He has far too much black blood on his hands.

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