New Abolitionists Radio – Burnings and burials of the Rebel flag w/ artist John Sims

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Tonight we’ll be joined by our guest John Sims, an artist from Sarasota, Florida, who is honoring the constitutional right of self-expression by staging burnings and burials of the Rebel flag, that troublesome symbol of the Old South that many, particularly African-Americans, associate with slavery, white supremacy and state-sponsored terrorism and lynchings.

“If you can not deal with the things you can see (racist symbols in the public square), how are you going to deal with the things you can’t see (institutional racism)” – John Sims on New Abolitionists Radio

Our stories include:

• Private prisons in Mississippi routinely extend inmate’s sentences by two to three months to leverage extra costs from the state.

• Big-Time Salaries for Part-Time S.C. Judges and magistrates.

• News 4 Investigates’ Craig Cheatham examines problematic punishment for profit police departments and courts in the St. Louis area in an explosive documentary called -The Injustice System

• In a shocking admission a former federal judge says: “This is a war that I saw destroy lives,” she said. “It eliminated a generation of African American men, covered our racism in ostensibly neutral guidelines and mandatory minimums… and created an intergenerational problem.
We’ll tell you more.

• In our #Ferguson is America series, today we focus on the state of Iowa. Week after week the patterns and practices become clearer and clearer. America is Ferguson.

• This week’s Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is Shujaa Graham who was framed for the 1973 murder of a prison guard and was sent to San Quentin’s death row In 1981 after being found innocent he was finally released from prison.

• Our Abolitionist in profile is Charleston, Sc American Abolitionist Robert Purvis. August 4, 1810 – April 15, 1898.

Expect all of that and more tonight on New Abolitionists Radio.

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