Black Talk Radio News – Independence day is not about women or non-white people period

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Tune in for an hour or more of news and socio/political commentary. Today our guest speaker will be James C. Giles who was wrongfully convicted of rape in Dallas, Texas in 1983. It would take a quarter-century to prove his innocence, but DNA testing finally led to his exoneration in 2007. He served 10 years in prison and 14 years as a registered sex offender on parole for a crime he did not commit. Read more.

Today he wants to discuss the issues as it relates to false imprisonment, self employment after prison, how most prosecutors are not interested in justice but maintain the “system” and how family ties can be lost to those enslaved in prison.

After speaking to Mr Giles, I want to take a look at the true meaning and history of Independence Day and what it celebrates. In my humble opinion, the 4th of July is used to give the illusion of inclusion to women and non-white people. It also shows you how the minds of the masses are controlled by mass media. Also, if you study the story of Crispus Attucks, you can pick up on how wealthy white men hijacked the American Revolution for their benefit and that of the poor, the non-white and women.

We also want to remind you of the RBG Black Unity exercise on the 4th of July because black lives do not matter to the racist American institutions preying on them everyday. Racist suspects are pushing propaganda and calling this exercise “racist”.

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