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The Black Talk Media Project/Black Talk Radio Network is a proud sponsor of the 4th Annual Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Expo that will take place in Atlanta July 17 – 19.

7-7-2015 12-04-41 AMToday our guest speaker is Dr. Samori Camara who will be a presenter at the conference. Black men are encouraged to participate in the conference as parents. We know that there is a myth of Black father being absent but the reality is that Black men above and beyond any other demographic assist in the upbringing of their children more than anyone and we want them to be aware of the resources available to help with the education of their children.

In today’s news….

French officials are in the Central African Republic to question children who say they were sexually abused by peacekeepers, a judicial source has told French news agency AFP. The French and the United Nations have been accused of covering crimes of so-called peace keepers and this is a perfect illustration of why Africa needs its own International Criminal Courts as proposed by Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabee last month.

In other international news, Black Jews (Ethiopians) are saying that their children are facing racism and discrimination in Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Rehovot.

7-7-2015 3-29-40 PMBlack Jews have also been engaged in their own Black Lives Matter protests against racist police violence which has not been getting much if any coverage in the United States while President Obama recently signed legislation to prevent nations from boycotting Israel over its race based Apartheid.

Today I want to discuss the hatred towards gay men and women in the Black community. I do not think this is a widespread problem in the Black community as it is made out to be but I may be incorrect. Is it a problem? I had an exchange last night with individuals that sounded like Nazis discussing exterminating Black homosexuals.
7-6-2015_1-24-14_PMI want to make it perfectly clear that hunting down and harming homosexuals is not anything I would be a part of and would do everything to protect family members and people I have known most of my life from such harm. There are various reasons as to why someone would be engaged in homosexuality and what gives anyone the right to be their judge and executioner?


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