Thando Radio Show – Greece said “No” and the Corporations and Bankers smiled

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Tune in for information and discussions on current events and preparedness.
We will continue to look at what is happening in Greece in relation to the global economy and banking system.

The results from Sunday’s Greek referendum are in, and they will be a shock to Europe’s political establishment. The Greek government campaigned for a No vote, asking voters to reject proposals that were tabled by the EU and IMF on June 26. The Greek people have decisively endorsed the Greek government’s position, with the No side receiving about 60 percent support. So what happens now? Read more…

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One Reply to “Thando Radio Show – Greece said “No” and the Corporations and Bankers smiled”

  1. Awesome show!!

    All I can say is, “wow.”!!!

    Everyone everywhere should hear this program. Why?
    because their is information in this program that will
    cause one to really think and just maybe
    make the connection about how the White Supremacist
    mindset works. Just listening to these group of white men
    talk about the mechanisms involved in dividing and conquering
    nations, corrupting powerful leaders, killing innocent people all in
    the name of White Supremacy will leave you gasping…… as you
    hear chilling accounts of
    “Confessions of a Economic Hit Man.”

    Tune into the podcast……

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