Racism Daily Intelligence Update ⋅ July 12, 2015

Racism Intell“The Confederate flag still flies overseas”: Endless war, domesticracism and the forgotten history of … Salon

The Pentagon just can’t let go. In the wake of the Charleston Massacre, Amazon and Walmart have announced that they will no longer sell Confederate flag merchandise. Ebay says it will stop offering Confederate items for electronic auction. Mississippi’s Republican speaker of the house calls his state flag, which includes the Stars and Bars in the top left corner, “a point of offense that needs to be removed.” Even Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell, the majority leader of the U.S. Senate, agrees that a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in his state’s capitol building belongs in a museum.
Most of the families that come through the doors of Baltimore realtor Kim Nunnally’s agency are black. They find her by word of mouth from other African-American families that she has found homes for over her 30-year career as an agent. If they are qualified and well-prepared, Nunnally says she can sell them a home in any neighborhood of the majority-black city that they desire.

The ball is in the state’s court: stopracism in Israeli football

After decades of neglect, the Israeli state has decided to act: it will examine the long standing hiring policies of Beitar Jerusalem in an effort to determine whether the much-vaunted football club discriminates against Arab-Israeli players in violation of the law.

Young people must unite and fightracism and fascism Green Left Weekly

On July 19, Reclaim Australia will lead a coalition of conservative, Christian fundamentalist and fascist organisations in another set of rallies to “defend Australian values” from “Muslim invasion”.

Letter: Racism is all about insecurity – Opinion – telegram.com – Worcester, MA 

Racism is all about insecurity and that point actually got through to Skinheads. We all have hope in shared strength. Dan Fitzgerald. Providence, RI.

Dear White People review – a gently funny take on campus racism in the US The Guardian

“You’re more Banksy than Barack!” Justin Simien’s satirical portrait of identity crises in “post-racial” America took around $4.5m at the US box office (no mean feat for such a low-budget film), but struggled to secure UK theatrical distribution until the New Black Film Collective stepped in to give it a much-deserved cinema release.

Racism: Light-skinned people are targeted by kidnappers in Nigeria 

Jidenna, a Nigerian – American originating from the Igbo tribe in the South East of Nigeria has revealed in order to bury his late father he required a mass of AK47’s and employed military staff because of his light skin.

Flag issue, now gay-marriage resolution threaten to derail key GOP…

House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday greeted the press corps with a cheerful “good morning” as he strode to the lectern in the chamber’s House Radio/TV Gallery studio for his weekly media briefing.

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