Justice Radio Station:SOCIAL ISSUES APP! Psychology of Liberation “Meta Physical Revolution!

Why we Think and Act the Way We Do!
SOCIAL ISSUES APP! Justice Radio Station- Why we Think and Act the way we Do!

Time:3 pm EST  Express yourself:(605)562-3140 Code 918135#

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5 Replies to “Justice Radio Station:SOCIAL ISSUES APP! Psychology of Liberation “Meta Physical Revolution!”

  1. Mother Doretha can you please let your family know that you are okay please? Thank you mom

  2. Each and everyone is encouraged to find constructive value in the broadcast, Independently Uniting, as a System of Justice is produced by Finishing the Basic Initial Unfinished Business among people of the known universe, (This political strategy, classification tool called Race, being used to mistreat Black and all Non-White people based on greed and ego tripping).

    You see, if a system is unjust, the laws used to maintain that system are incorrect. These same laws in a Just system will be correct. Make Justice Reign, Rain. Yes or Yes?

    All of our dreams and hopes will come true by producing a system of Justice where the individual will guarantee that no one is mistreated, including the individual and guarantee that who needs the most constructive help receives it in all areas of people activity in society including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war.

    On a personal level, teach yourself. -Give yourself a Meta Physical.
    Make 2015 Independently United Time!

    SOCIAL ISSUES APPLICATION! Justice Radio Station – self-help APP!
    Liberation, Revolution, Change begins within You. (no cliché)

  3. You mention the Metaphysical and I just thought that their will be someone
    well educated in the area of study to discuss with the listening audience,

    I will tune in.

    Thank you,

  4. Love to see you Sunday August 9th 3 pm EST Black Talk Radio Network/Justice Radio Station. Have you heard the station?

    The broadcast is Goal Setting Action, based on The United
    Independent Compensatory Code System Concept by Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.

    Before the Real Activity of Change, Liberation, Revolution takes place one must know the Guiding Concepts, Values, Goals, ideological, psychological and other important factors that contribute to what one is trying to accomplish in the world itself. In the current society and in the society one is working to create (if you do not understand functional racism in the form of white supremacy, what it is and how it works everything you think you understand will only confuse you). True or false?

    Remember, to eliminate any major problem among people of the known universe the scientific practicing of racism in the form of white supremacy must First be Eliminated.

    Doretha Mary, Tehuti and Maat will moderate the broadcast.
    Call (605)562-3140 code 918135# express yourself. What race classification are you?

  5. Can you provide more detailed information about the platform
    of this program.with respect to date and who will be moderating
    the program and what is expected of the participants?

    Please clarify.

    Thank you

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