Tanya Free & Friends – Why do politicians not get Black Lives Matter?

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The number of unarmed African American men and women killed by police continues to grow with the death of Samuel Dubose in Cincinnati. Is it just me or does it seem to be more outrage over the death of a lion killed in Africa by an American dentist than Samuel Dubose being fatally shot by a cop after being pulled over for failure to display a front license plate. The first Republican presidential debate is Thursday August 6th. Will you be watching? What do you want to hear from the contenders? Also, let’s talk about why some presidential candidates think “Black Lives Matter” is the same as “All Lives Matter” and thousands of New York fast food workers are celebrating the recommendation of a $15 minimum wage. But there are pros and cons, let’s talk about these stories and more this Wednesday on the Tanya Free and Friends talk Show 2pm Eastern and 1pm Central.


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