Man and teen questioned by Charlotte church members found with handgun in backpack

8-10-2015 1-00-05 PM

By Scotty Reid

Two people were arrested after they were detained and questioned by church members of First Haitian Church of Grace which is a Black church located on West Sugar Creek Rd in Charlotte, North Carolina.

16-year-old Austin Hannon a white male and 27-year-old Michael Blake a black male went into the church with a backpack containing a .40 caliber handgun. Police don’t think they intended to harm anyone in the church according to local news reports.

Three white men with backpacks menaced a Black church in Salisbury, North Carolina just weeks ago and of course the horrific terrorist attack in June on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church is still fresh in people’s minds.

Michael Blake was charged with “Carrying Concealed Weapon” and Austin Hannon was charged with “Carrying Concealed Gun-Possess Handgun by Minor”.

It is not known at this time how the two know each other or if they were homeless.

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