Black Talk Radio News – Minister Farrakhan’s call for 10,000 fearless men

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Continuing the conversation from last night’s broadcast of Political Prisoner Radio focusing on comments made by Minister Farrakhan which have come under fire from white right wing news media but by other members of the black community particularly those who focus solely on the legislative process to solve the issue of police terrorism across the country that plagues every socio-economic group within the United States regardless of race.

What is not being given so much attention by the media is that Minister Farrakhan also called on these 10,000 men to deal with the self hate in the black community that all to often expresses itself in the form of senseless killings of other black people.

Max Parthas, a host and producer of New Abolitionists Radio spread the message of 21st Century Slavery Abolitionism in an interview with public radio.

President Robert Mugabe says he’s been snubbed by African leaders and Ivory Coast refused him entry, blames France.

There are a lot of things happening globally that we can talk about, listeners are encouraged to share their observations or important news on air. All opinions are welcome.

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10 Replies to “Black Talk Radio News – Minister Farrakhan’s call for 10,000 fearless men”

  1. I must admit, I like the idea of a Celebrity Boxing Match.

    He would in fact get “trump.”


  2. Minister Farrakhan passion in this clip is heartfelt. we who have
    followed him understands his pain and concern. Yet, when I hear
    this clip, I feel as a follower, that it is severely strong and denotes
    a level ” fire and brimstone” type of action.

    I just wish that the Minister would have been more “codified” in his
    language. To use words such as “kill” and “die” is pure raw language
    and one cannot twist words like that.

    Using phrases like ” do unto other as you would have them do unto you”
    would have sent the same message in a more codified manner.

    This is something he should have said behind close door to those
    10,000 men, he is calling upon to stand-up.

    Being that the Minister is having his Million People March in October,
    he should not be inviting unwarranted inferences from the powers
    that be.

    After this “super duper’ charge speech, one can only hope that the US
    military will not be at the march because of the statements he made
    in this video. They may get an injunction for him not to hold the march
    in fear of mayhem.

    Who knows what the disenchanted may do…..

    My mother always says…..
    “It is not what you say, but how you say it.”

    1. I agree, I feel the same about some of the people going under “Black Lives Matter”, they need to be more codified in their speech/actions. He could have left out that last part of used different language to say the same thing. That is what codification is about but I also do not think that was meant for everyone to hear.

    2. Lena you said what I was thinking as well. Raw words that may be taken wrong way.

    3. Codify? It is what it is and codifying won’t change the message. So it’s ok to kill. You’re in my prayers. I ask the Lord to help you remember the commandments he set forth. Remember this: “vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.” Killing innocent people at random is evil in it’s purest form.

      1. What are you referencing? Who said anything about killing “innocent people”? In reference to your religion and quoting of scripture, then lets let every murderer and rapist out of prison and sit around and see how long it takes for the Lord to act. In fact, what is taking so long for him repay all the genocide this nation has committed through the centuries?

  3. Not Christian. More like Hebrew Israelite. That clip from YouTube is Sister Deborah of Black Education TV. My beliefs more closely resemble Hebrew Israelite not Churchianity. Wink. Great show Scotty

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