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Today we will be speaking with Dr. Larry E. Davis who is the Dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh, where he is the Donald M. Henderson Professor. Dr. Davis is the Director and founder of the Center on Race and Social Problems which conducts applied social science research on race, ethnicity, and color. What are is the state of race relations in the USA and what does that term entail?

In the News…

Not much is known about Sean Bolton, the Memphis cop reportedly killed by Tremaine Wilbourn. I was able to confirm that he held a combat infantry mos in the US Marines who did at least one tour in Iraq. Should combat vets being patrolling the streets as cops?

60 emails have been found among Clinton’s emails she turned over that contained classified information. With tens of thousands of more emails left to review, chances are they will find a lot more.

Jury selection methods are under scrutiny for racial bias in Louisiana.

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