Ben Carson tells the Black Community to get rid of the crack houses to address police terrorism

GOP Presidential Candidate and former Crack Kingpin Ricky "Freeway" Ross.
GOP Presidential Candidate and former Crack Kingpin Ricky “Freeway” Ross.

By Scotty Reid

Ben Carson in criticizing the tactics of BLM activists suggesting the Black Community get rid of the crack houses to solve police brutality issues. What is this the 80s?

“Let’s go over to the crack house. We need to tear it down. Profiting from selling poison to our children and destroying lives must not be the ambition of our children. These monuments to our destruction deserve our active scorn not our silent acceptance.” – Ben Carson

In case Ben Carson was too busy doing brain surgeon stuff to concern himself with the Black community during the 80s and 90s, he might research the many, many, many community meetings on the CIA Iran/Contra scandal that flooded the community with cheap cocaine and other drugs.

Perhaps to educate himself he can watch the movie “Kill The Messenger” which was about the investigative journalist Gary Webb who blew the lid of the sordid affair but he allegedly blew out his own brains.

Perhaps he needs to get educated on the recent scandals over at the DEA where agents were found to be involved in prostitution sex parties paid for by the Colombian drug cartels.

Perhaps he should look into the deal the DEA recently had with the Sinaloa Drug Cartel ran by the recently escaped Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman that allowed them a free pass to smuggle drugs all the way to Chicago in exchange for information on rival cartels.

While he is at it, perhaps he needs to find out how all that heroin is making its way from the poppy fields of Afghanistan to rural white America.

Is Mr. Carson really going to propagandize the Black community in 2015 as a crime infested hell hole like the Clintons did in the 90s to push their mass incarceration policies? When Clinton recently went to rural white areas to discuss the rise in heroin overdoses among white people, did she tell them to tear down their heroin houses to solve the problem. No she did not.
I live in a predominately white rural area in a county recently cited as the Meth Capital of North Carolina. No one is coming here telling them to get rid of the meth trailers. No one is telling them to stop smoking meth to solve their police brutality problem.
Mr. Carson also said the GOP needs to do more Black outreach so I reached out to him to invite him on the program. We’ll see if he is interested in reaching our predominately Black audience.
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2 Replies to “Ben Carson tells the Black Community to get rid of the crack houses to address police terrorism”

  1. Silent acceptance? Apparently, black communities (dealing w/this issue) are reporting where the crack houses are located, if they weren’t he wouldn’t know. His quote is insulting towards the black community implying criminality is the norm.

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