Black Talk Radio News – Bay Area Coalition founder Crystal Wilson

Today we will be speaking with Crystal J Wilson who is the founding member of Bay Area Activist Coalition which is in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. The Bay Area Activist Coalition started in started after a St. Louis County Grand Jury failed to indict Daren Wilson for the killing of Micheal Brown.

Today we will be discussing, white supremacy and Black liberation, violence against women, self care and the impact oppressive environments have on children. Crystal Wilson has a B.A from The University of South Florida.

In the news…

Barbara Reynolds is described as a 60s era civil rights movement which was a huge failure but instead of acknowledging the failure of their movement to secure lasting human rights for future generations of non-white people, she pens a racist attack piece for a white news corporation on the young black activists fighting the unfinished battle of the previous generations like that of Mrs. Reynolds.

Speaking of racist attacks, proxy racism has been in full force this week with Dr. Ben Carson penning an attack piece on the young Black activist of the day. Lets look at his criticism and determine if their is any validity to them.

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