Black Talk Radio News – Getting youth to “walk away” from self-destruction

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Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and commentary.

During the first hour we will speak with Mr. Michael Passian, the creator and visionary behind Walk Away City Collaborative.

Why Walk Away Day?

The purpose of walk away day is to empower, encourage and equip young people to be able to walk away from making various negative decisions. We believe that through inspiration, support and a positive activity to replace the negative, these young people can drastically change the course of their lives!

In the news…

Is Ben Carson a coward who is afraid to address the bullies and racists in the Republican Party?

What do you think about President Obama suggesting that Syrian refugees be taken in by the United States? I think it is bad idea when your supposed ally that gets billions of US tax dollars shares a border with Syria but refusing to take in any refugees from Syria. However, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich supports a plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees over a year.

A black cop is blowing the whistle on the NYPD Highway Division, alleging “racism is routine” in the elite unit and there is a quota to write 70 summonses per month, the Daily News has learned.

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