Black Talk Radio News – AG Lorreta Lynch, Killer Kops & Revisionist History

10-6-2015 2-22-07 PM
In the news…

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch doesn’t believe that police departments should be required to report how many people they have killed. Why you might ask? She says because some police departments only have 55 people working for them and are not very large. Are you buying what the US Attorney General is selling? On a separate issue, she said she supports “state’s rights” on cannabis legalization.

Book publishing giant McGraw-Hill has been taken to task by a mother in Texas after her son alerted to her that the textbook “World Geography” in the section titled, “Patterns of Immigration,” the trans-Atlantic human trafficking of Africans was considered immigration and enslaved Africans were referred to as workers. Roni Dean-Burren took to YouTube to call out the book and McGraw-Hill agreed to make changes. However, the damage is already done and they will not make the changes to the textbook until the next edition. While it is great that the changes will be made but most history textbooks are filled with white supremacy lies and should not be used at all. What do you think?

The rain has stopped in South Carolina, but the danger for residents remain. Roads, bridges and dams have been washing out or breaking. Most people would be surprised that some of the infrastructure in the USA is almost 100 yrs old. While the United States allocates billions and trillions over time in the form of aid to other countries, its own infrastructure is just a storm away from being destroyed. Does the USA need to implement a massive rebuilding effort that would in turn create millions of job?

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