Another Memphis Cop Killed As Rookie Gets Gunned Down In Driveway

Local media is reporting that another Memphis Police officer has been killed since Memphis Cop Sean Bolton was killed by Tremaine Wilbourn in August whose family and attorney all say was a case of self-defense. Wilbourn’s case is in the pre-trail phase.

Tremaine Wilbourn says he was standing his ground when forced to kill Memphis police officer in self-defense.
Tremaine Wilbourn says he was standing his ground when forced to kill Memphis police officer in self-defense.

Today it is being reported that Terence Olridge, a 31 yr-old rookie cop with the Memphis Police department was shot several times in his driveway while leaving for work around noon.

Witness say the injured officer crawled back into his home to reach safety. His pregnant fiancée reportedly called for paramedics who was rushed to Regional Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

The Memphis police have one suspect in custody at this time but there is plenty of speculation about a war on police to discredit and criminalise current protests and movements against police terrorism and modern enslavement in the United States.

According to the Facebook page “THE BODY COUNT: Police Murder in Memphis”, local corporate media has sought to downplay the level of violence being waged against Memphis residents by police.

“The Commercial Appeal, the daily newspaper in Memphis, Tenn., is feeling the heat from The Body Count, the Memphis Black Autonomy Federation’s report about the 28 people killed by the Memphis police since 2012–the largest number of people killed by any police department in America during this time period–and the fallout from the killing of Darrius Stewart, a 19-year-old unarmed black youth shot to death on July 17 by a white cop. In response, the newspaper has published a sanitized report about the number of victims of deadly police force in Memphis since 2009.”

Police unions across the country have tried to link the recent killings of cops to Black Lives Matter and other movements against extra-judicial killings which continue with at least one unarmed person being featured in weekly police snuff films. On more than one occasion police were forced to admit that movement organizers against police terrorism are not linked to any individual killings of cops. However, that does not preclude elected officials like Sherrif David Clarke whose department is being sued for constitutional violations from taking to outlets like CNN and Fox News and call demonstrators “black slime that needs eradicating”.

Considering that Minister Louis Farrakhan and the NOI held its twenty anniversary of the million man march in Washington, DC yesterday, you can be sure that the killing of Terence Olridge will be blamed on Farrakhan.

10-11-2015 12-11-34 PM
Minister Farrakhan praying with members of the Memphis Police Department at his hotel.

These baseless and factless accusations will be made against those who organized the Justice or Else rally and personally assign blame to Minister Farrakhan despite the fact that he recently thanked the Memphis PD for the wonderful escort they provided him when he was in Memphis to promote the Washington, DC gathering.

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