Woman at center of Texas cop killing had sex with lead investigator

10-12-2015 12-16-21 PMWhile the investigation of the killing of Harris County Sherrif Deputy Darren Goforth is still open, the case continues to get more complicated.

The alleged shooter, Shannon Miles has yet to go to trial as the case is still in the pre-trial phase and prosecutors have yet to explain a motive in the killing other than to make unsubstantiated claims that national protests against police terrorism motivated the shooting. However, authorities in Texas were forced to admit that can not prove a connection to any organization or activists engaged in demonstrations.

Since apparently it is ok to just make up a motive, perhaps the killing has to do with the unnamed woman/witness at the center of the case who told investigators in written statements that she was involved in a sexual relationship with the deceased deputy for over a year. Given that it is now being reported that the same woman recently had sex with the lead investigator in the case, perhaps she also was in a sexual relationship with the shooter. Of course this is just speculation but seems more plausible than anything investigators or anyone else has come up with it.

Yesterday it was reported that Harris County Sheriff’s Office homicide investigator Craig Clopton was removed from the case and suspended after he admitted to having consensual sex with the main witness whom other witnesses say was with Darren Goforth when he was killed and seen crying over his body after the shooting.

Those involved in the case say that this revelation will hurt the prosecution’s case, but it is highly doubtful that anyone would be found not guilty for killing a cop in Texas no matter how much reasonable doubt is raised.

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