*Justice Radio Station* -“150 Years Of Successfully Being Mis-Educated!” ‘REMEMBER, RECLAIM, RESTORE!!!’


11 02 15 Remember, Reclaim, Restore ‘Reclaiming Self Awareness!’ Your Self is what is Conscious as You. It is what answers for “I” within You, and not the Physical Body or Desires. The Self is the Source of All Selfless Thoughts and Love as Giving Seeking Nothing in Return! 

After 150 years how much are we contributing to our condition? Is it enough to say it is the White Supremacist? I Am not complaining, I Am Encouraging re-looking at Self, not the one we are conditioned to become through The Socialization Process-‘to accept the Power equation of One “Race” is Superior and another is Inferior’, This is being projected so that a child coming on the scene can see the power equation.”REMEMBER, RECLAIM, RESTORE!!!”

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Peace, Love

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