Black Talk Radio News – Community rallys for Spring Valley High School police brutality victim

11-2-2015 10-18-50 AM
Max Parthas of the New Abolitionist Movement and Sister Indeya X Assatta from the Black Counselors For Justice group will join us today to discuss the events surrounding the brutal assault on the Spring Valley Highschool student in South Carolina. Max recently participated in a community rally for the victim who was in attendance and appreciated the support from the conscious community members.

Facts surrounding the case have been in short supply but we do know a little more than we did when the video of a teenaged girl being assaulted by the brutish weight lifting former school resource officer Ben Fields.

Fact: The victim has stated that she was protesting unfair treatment and felt she should not have been ordered to leave class when she followed directions to put her phone away.

Fact: Ben Fields has a history of complaints of excessive force including one involving a US Veteran. While no one can say at this time if Fields uses steroids but he has admitted to taking other supplements used by weightlifters. Fields has not been tested for steroids despite concerns that he may be using steroids which is common among law enforcement officers.

Fact: The estimated 100 students who walked out of class disrupting school protesting the firing of Ben Fields were not suspended from school, unlike the victim and the second female victim who verbally protested the brutal treatment of her classmate who was suspended for “disrupting class”. The students protesting on Fields behalf were not physically assaulted and suffered no injuries despite breaking school rules.

In the news….

Actor Jamie Foxx told film director Quentin Tarantino to keep speaking truth in relation to police terrorism in the USA. Several police unions have called for a boycott of Tarantino’s new film because he participated in a rally against police brutality in NYC.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called for cannabis to be removed from the DEA’s scheduled list of dangerous drugs. Bernie Sanders says we must recognize that blacks are four times more likely than whites to get arrested for marijuana possession, even though the same proportion of blacks and whites use marijuana. Any serious criminal justice reform must include removing marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act.

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3 Replies to “Black Talk Radio News – Community rallys for Spring Valley High School police brutality victim”

  1. Spring Valley High student’s attorney corrects report that she’s an orphan: Jarvis DeBerry

    Mr. Reid, perhaps you and your guests possibly covered this information on your program about the young lady (child), but her mother and grandmother are alive. Her attorney, Mr. Todd Rutherford, initially stated she was recently orphaned by their deaths. However, Mr. Rutherford clarified his earlier statement by correctly saying the young girl’s mother and grandmother are alive, but, she is in the foster care program. Thank y’all for the additional information.

      1. Sorry, I missed huge portions of your program. Also, I’m not sure about the latter info (the foster care; it’s important, but it doesn’t matter as far as the brutality and bullying those children experienced) but I’ll download your program to see what I missed. Peace.

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