Political Prisoner Radio – Robert Seth Hayes, Herman Bell, Jared Chase & Tamara Abu Laban

Robert Seth Hayes, Herman Bell, Jared Chase &Tamara Abu Laban.
Robert Seth Hayes, Herman Bell, Jared Chase & Tamara Abu Laban.

Herman Bell is political prisoner who was active during the 60s movement to make Black Lives Matter in the fight for social justice. Herman was active with the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army. Mr. Bell is coming up for parole once again and once again the racist white supremacists and police brutality supporter Pat Lynch of the NYC PBA. Each and every time as is usually the case with Police Unions across the nation, Pat Lynch and the PBA launches a media demonization propaganda program to influence the parole process.

Pat Lynch and the thuggish NYC PBA are right now engaged in a propaganda campaign to smear and demonize Quentin Tarantino for speaking out against police brutality and standing in solidarity with the movement against widespread police violence in the USA.

Click here to get more info on the campaign to parole Mr. Bell.

There is another medical emergency alert and call to action for Robert Seth Hayes. Please read the call to action on his behalf on our Political Prisoner Radio Facebook page via NYC Jericho and his advocates.

The Jericho Movement says, “IN PRISON 42 YEARS, Seth first came up for parole in 1998, but prison officials have refused to release him, and are effectively punishing him for having been a member of the Black Panther Party, and of having remained true to his ideals after 30 years behind bars.”.

The campaign to free the NATO3 has posted an update and medical alert for Jared Chase.

“Chase has dismissed both his NLG attorneys and his public defender, and his trial for allegedly assaulting guards has been postponed yet again until December 7. He continues to face harsh treatment in custody, including losing “good time,” losing visitation rights, having personal property destroyed, spending time in solitary confinement and even being housed on suicide watch (despite not being suicidal). He has gone on many hunger strikes as his only recourse to demand that they meet his medical and nutritional needs, without much success.In October of 2014, Chase wrote to several supporters, “I am a transgender woman,” asking to be referred to as Maya Chase.” Read more…

In international solidarity news, the Israelis have been on another brutal campaign to suppress the rights of Palestinians and have been killing people and refusing others medical attention after they have been shot in the streets so they can bleed out. Recently they arrested a 14 year old Palestinian girl, Tamara Abu Laban, accusing her of incitement through Facebook because of course Facebook is a major tool governments use to spy on citizens and those they are oppressing. Read more… 

No Political Prisoner Birthdays to report this week.

Ameejill’s mother whom was in poor health and Ameejill has been providing care for, recently passed away. Like many families with long-term illnesses in the family, Ameejill and her young son may be homeless in 30 days if the bank forecloses on her mother’s home. One of Ameejill’s comrades, Kevin James has set up a fundraiser which hopes of raising at least $3,000 for Ameejill and her son. Those who want to contribute can do so via the PayPal email address Kajames2@gmail.com.

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