Justice Radio Station ‘Independently United Liberating Ladies’ “BE READY:Acquire Knowledge Of Self!”


Think about this. As Black (non-white people) being confined in an environment for over 500 years in now USA INC. OPEN-AIR PRISON, is like being closed off in a room of mis-education, deceit, mistreatment hence, Socialized to accept the conditioning generation after generation. Many people believe they are only what they are working at-( a doctor, lawyer, bus driver, manager, business owner, professional, the person in the mirror, you name it).

To shed light on the path to stop stumbling and falling, give your SELF a Mental Physical. Understand WHERE WE ARE in light of History, Politics and Mis-education of us ALL. Acquire self knowledge, Understand The Socialization Process! REMEMBER! THE CLASSIFICATION TOOL  R_A_C_E  IS “A POLITICAL STRATEGY, A HOAX– IS –THE CAUSE OF PROBLEMS-”using the scientific practicing of racism in the form of white supremacy in all areas of people activity, the basic initial un-finished business among people of the known universe.


In a system of Peace, as it should have been in the first place, visualize as an individual, through use of a constructive code for thoughts, feelings and actions (as a role model, not a person never a person as a role model) thus, implementing a Curriculum WHERE the individual will guarantee that no one is mistreated including the individual and guarantee that who needs the most constructive help receives it. ALL HISTORY IS A CURRENT EVENT. Peace Family!


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