Thando Radio Show – Current Geopolitical Events & Why False Flags Work

Thando Radio Show
Tune in for two hours of news, information and commentary from a survivalist perspective.

Today we will be joined again by “Wade” whom we spoke with last week about an “American Reset”. We will be discussing recent global events and why false flags work so well on the general population.

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2 Replies to “Thando Radio Show – Current Geopolitical Events & Why False Flags Work”

  1. Thando, thank you very much for your program… and I listened to the recording of the show on 11/16/15 and i was sort of stun by the sheer ignorance of t his guy’s opinion aboug black people… it was as if he disregarded any person of color who would dare take on the police but when he mentioned the promise keepers, he stated the cops no better… he coded his disdain for black people all through the show…
    Very suspicious person as far as i concerned..
    They, the racists, will never be able to defeat us in the end… the cops are not capable of stopping a movement of any kind… and never will be..

  2. So glad you took control of that dialogue towards the end of the program. He told us nothing that we didn’t already know… and the tacky thing was that he wants to solicit your listeners. I don’t need to hear anything else from him or Wade. Thank you very much!

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