Race Treaty – Beyond Race: Restoring Divine Rights for Human Rights & Human Progress

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Tune in for an hour of discussion on social issues from a human rights perspective. Tonight we are joined by guest speaker Ahmad Shuib who is the founder and CEO of Global Response Consulting. 

Mr. Ahmad Shuib has sought to improve the human condition by understanding and applying divine rights to everyday living realities. Today’s discussion will explore how divine rights supersedes human rights, and more importantly how the use of divine rights ensures human rights.

Mr. Shuib has a twenty-five history of restoring revoked driving privileges, voiding invalid credit debts and recently asserting rights of humans -not fictitious creations- with the IRS.

Exposing the evils of, a “well dressed up lie” and exposing the wickedness in commercial contracts that unsophisticated consumers accept to enter into (terms and invalid conditions), Ahmad writes and speaks on how to assert rights enacted by congressional acts to fairly safeguard and protect natural person consumers. Founder of Global Response Consulting, Ahmad Shuib, will be publishing his first books within the next the next 3 to 6 months entitled:

(1) “T well dressed up lie” (the truth about take it or leave it type commercial transactions without negotiations, terms and conditions),

(2) “Break Free” (the true meaning of becoming unchained in commerce-commercial wickedness),

(3) “The Truth” (“most of what we know binds us together but the concept of total truth and all that we can embrace of it will surely tear us apart.

Mr. Shuib assets that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Listen in to a rivaling and riveting dialog.

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