BTR News – Minneapolis cop assaults US Representative’s son

11-20-2015 3-05-56 PM
Today we will review some of the social political news stories.

As demonstrations continue in Minneapolis over the extra-judicial killing of Jamar Clark, a Minneapolis cop was caught on film assaulting Jeremiah Ellison who is the son of Minnesota US Representative Keith Ellison. Pointing firearms at people is a crime in Minnesota.

Among some of the demands made by Princeton students that staged a sit-in demonstration outside Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber’s office, was a demand to remove the name of a former racist President of the USA from campus buildings.

A Kentucky judge is starting to garner support behind him as prosecutors seek to have him removed from all criminal cases. WDRB reports,

On Tuesday, prosecutors started asking Judge Olu Stevens to recuse himself from their cases. He has refused, so now they’re asking Kentucky’s Chief Justice to remove him from all criminal cases.

The request is in reaction to the judge’s comments on social media about Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine. Stevens has written that Wine wants to seat all-white juries and “will live in infamy” for it.

Prosecutors in Michigan were revealed in emails to have pressured employees in the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division to “falsely classify the origins of THC found in hash oils and marijuana edibles” so they could bring forth harsh criminal charges against defendants using medicinal cannabis.

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