Political Prisoner Radio – Prisoner Healthcare Rights & Hepatitis C

Political Prisoner Radio 11/22/2015
Tune in for an hour of news, information and commentary on US held political prisoners.

Tonight we will re-air a portion of a press conference that took place at 1199 Healthcare Workers Union in New York. The press conference was concerning prisoners, Hepatitis C and the refusal of prison administrators to provide medical treatment. Hepatitis C is a communicable disease that prisons are choosing to let spread among inmates.

The Abolitionists Law Center argues that “Health care and a healthy environment is a human right for prisoners and non-prisoners alike.” Attorney Bret Grote is representing political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamaal in his lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections which is withholding treatment from him for Hepatitis C. The case could have an impact on prisoners healthcare rights across the United States.

Mumia Abu-Jamal is the lone voice in tonight’s Political Prisoner Radio Mix. Topics he touches on include fear mongering, banning Syrian Refugees, politics and finance.

There are no political prisoners with birthdays this week but we will share news updates from our Political Prisoner Radio Facebook page. When you follow us on Facebook, make sure to not only “Like” the page but click the button a second time to select the option to get our updates in your Facebook news feed.

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