Texas Terrorist David Wright III posts potential target’s addresses online

11-25-2015 3-45-49 PM

By Scotty Reid

An Islamophobe and domestic terrorist by the name of David Wright III not only posted the names and addresses of people who supported a bill in Texas to allow Muslims in the state to have their divorce and child custody hearings judged according to their religious customs but the thug also staged an armed hate rally targeting mosques in Irving, Texas over the weekend. Make no mistake, the publishing of people’s names who participated in a democratic process coupled with the armed intimidation hate rally outside mosques makes this an act of terrorism.

One of the potential terrorists associated with Mr. Wright is seen in a photo hiding his face behind a mask while stalking an unknown Black woman wearing a headscarf. The terrorists like those associated with Wright seek to prevent Muslims in America from enjoying their full rights under the US Constitution that specifically provides for freedom of religion. However, suspected racist white people like Wright do not seem to think that non-white people have any rights that they should respect. How Muslims having their civil cases judged according to their religious customs is trampling the rights of Wright remains to be seen and he does not explain how his individual liberties are being threatened.

To be sure, Texas does have a “Stand Your Ground” statute and if I were approached by or saw a gang of armed masked terrorists approaching my place of worship then it would not only be my right but my duty to eliminate the terrorist threat lest we have another massacre like occurred in Charleston, South Carolina this year. For sure these are cowards who only pick on those who present themselves as being weak and like all bullies, they should be punched square in the mouth. If the police are going to allow armed thugs to stand outside places of worships in masks to hide their identities then the people being threatened by these domestic terrorists are going to have to take their own security into their own hands.

If you are hiding behind masks, to hell with your supposed rights to intimidate citizens doing nothing more than what the US government says is their right to practice their religion. If you are going to stalk unarmed women while armed with semi-auto weapons in masks, you deserve to catch a bullet in the process.

David Wright III lists on his social media profile that he lives in Garland, Texas. Several addresses and phone numbers for “David Wright” in Garland, Texas can be found in the public white pages. If he isn’t on your domestic terrorist watch list, you need to add him.

If you want truth and facts vs lies and fiction, support independent media.http://tinyurl.com/fundblackmedia

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15 Replies to “Texas Terrorist David Wright III posts potential target’s addresses online”

  1. Why does it seem that white men with guns on the street are terrorists, but the #BlackLivesMatter, and Black Panthers can call for the open killing of white men and it is ok? This is not my America. Cowboys get shot down for a case no more serious than a civil disobedience and Ferguson gets destroyed over the span of weeks but that is not a criminal act? Baltimore Riots are just “cooling off” periods. This is completely insane. #ALLLIVESMATTER!!!!

    1. GTFOH with that bullshit, ain’t nobody part of the BLM movement to address police brutality stalking people with guns. What a few individuals do is not reflective of the movement against the current police state. I don’t see all white people as terrorists, only those that put masks on and stalk defenseless women because of their religion. Again, this could not be my town because we would not stand for it.

  2. The arthur is a dumb black racist. He does not know of what he speaks. He is not a patriot like David Wright is. We have far too few patriots around now days. The dumb ass black arthur is a testament to that.

  3. Oh it’s John again. He is just a professional troll. Don’t pay him any mind. He just trolls all over the place. LMAO. Every were I go I see you trolling. And I didn’t March with them this time because I’m in the middle of the gulf of Mexico making money, so the Racist BLM cop killers and the refugees can get their welfare checks with my tax dollars while homeless war vet’s starve.

    1. How can he be a racist John, Islam is not a race or a religion. It’s a century’s old death cult. that wants to forcible convert or kill all non believers world wide, including you. unless you are a Muslim too.

    2. PING MF Now I have your IP: and phone # and address John. + other things off your HD with a little un known help from your Friend Del Gardner. Im sure alot of people would be interested in a 2 face raciest POS like you. I may look for this David guy and let him see it first.

      1. Scared little pussybitch making threats? You have nothing. Take it elsewhere asswank.

      2. Funny. It’s been a month. I am still around, our organization is still around, none of your redneck threats came to pass, your group’s plans to attack the Nation of Islam seem to be something that you wish David Wright hadn’t said, and we have the home and work addresses and relatives of most of your members. So the clowns at BAIR aren’t looking very tough right now.

  4. David Wright III is a good American patriot who was protesting outside a mosque that had several terrorist ties and that “religious ceremony ” this black racist was talking about is sharia law. Sharia law also states women cannot drive cars nor vote. Sharia law also states if a woman is raped she better have at least 4 male witnesses or she will be stoned to death. There is no place for such an evil cult like this in America . The author of this story is a liar and racist

  5. We hope that you idiots will try and shoot us. It won’t work very well for you. We will continue to protest radical mosques and if you feel like stopping is then please try as long as you don’t mind my boys shooting back and turning you into Swiss cheese. Have a nice fucking day and enjoy the FBI busting down your door soon due to the fact you have made terroristic threats against people legally exercising their first and second ammendment rights.

    1. don’t be pissed off potential terrorist and don’t give us that crap about your 1st and 2nd rights. You don’t have a right to intimidate and/or stalk people with masks and guns. I am not Muslim nor religious at all but thugs will not be tolerated in my community and these people need to step up their security around their private property and protect the public from terrorist. We know Alabama is known for white terrorist, so people in Alabama be on alert for terrorist this guy.

    2. This reads like a moron who goes by the name of William Earl who lives in Hunt County, Texas. Stupid kid that would be an easy first casualty. Someone set off some firecrackers and he’ll shoot his own racist buddies out of sheer panic.

    3. This reads like a moron who goes by the name of William Earl who lives in Hunt County, Texas. Stupid kid that would be an easy first casualty. Someone set off some firecrackers and he’ll shoot his own racist buddies out of sheer panic.

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