BTR News – The case of Justin Renel Joseph vs. Aryan Jesus

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Today we will be speaking with Justin Renel Joseph who recently filed a federal lawsuit against New York City and Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) after visiting the museum and being psychologically and emotionally harmed as he viewed display after display of an Aryan Jesus. Read more about the lawsuit.

In the news…

President Obama took to the national media to call the attacks in San Bernadino “terrorist attacks” while admitting that the alleged shooters had no connection to any organized groups and the attacks were not part of any larger plot. What makes that attack “terrorism” and not any of the other mass shootings that are said to happen everyday? He also went on to justify and publicly acknowledged the program that targeting people overseas without due process which amounts to extrajudicial executions. Interestingly the Obama administration is also targeting drone operators turned whistle-blowers concerned about all the innocent civilians being killed.

Is the media and the US government causing Muslims in the United States to be targeted and terrorized? We reported last week that a white terrorist published the names and addresses of people in Texas who supported a legal service for Muslims to who volunteer to have their civil cases judged according to Islamic law. The suspected terrorist and racist David Wright also staged armed “demonstrations” in front of an Islamic community center in Irving, Texas. Now comes news that two Muslim women were verbally terrorized at a cafe in Austin, Texas.

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4 Replies to “BTR News – The case of Justin Renel Joseph vs. Aryan Jesus”

  1. In light of the fact Moses told the Israelites that God would raise up a prophet to them from among their own brethren and…

    In light of the fact Moses later told the same tribes that if they turned to idolatry and forsook the Lord their God that God would bring them by ships (indicating a repetitive process) into Egypt again (synonymous with the house of bondage) it clear that the Blacks in the West are descendants of the people who fulfilled this prophecy and by extension, the people to whom this prophecy was spoken.

    Our ancestors picked cotton in Egypt, and centuries later picked it again…the prophecy could not be broken. Further, as they killed their own Kinsman-Redeemer, desired a murderer and bandit, and colluded with the Gentiles who commit this deed; their house was left to them desolate and Jesus himself declared they would be scattered to the nations and Jerusalem trodden down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles were fulfilled. The demise of Persia and the military triumphs of Alexander the Great ushered in the times of the Gentiles on the Biblical prophetic clock. Greater Israel – the northern kingdom – had been earlier dispersed and exiled, and the tribes remaining in Jerusalem – Levi, Benjamin, and Judah – who fled west into Africa to escape Roman jurisdiction comprise the people who were later captured and carried east by Islamists into Iran, India, Pakistan, and Iraq to slavery, and those brought west by the European slave trade to the Americas.

    Bottom line, Jesus is Black, and the so-called “Negro” is the descendant of the original Hebrews called into covenant by God with Abraham. I recommend the book Message to Judah. I will warn you though, that truth is painful – both to the victim and the persecutor. Painful, but liberating.

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