Political Prisoner Radio – US Supreme Court holds Native Hawaiians as political hostages

Political Prisoner Radio
Tune in for an hour of news, information and commentary concerning political prisoners.

Today will share the latest news concerning a previous report about the re-establishment of the overthrown Kingdom of Hawaii which was cleared by the Obama administration to hold a vote to determine if the Hawaiians would get their country back. That process has now been blocked by the US Supreme Court and why we say every non-assimilated Native Hawaiian is a political prisoner and prisoner of war.

We will share some of the latest political prisoner events posted to our Facebook page Political Prisoner Radio.

Two Political Prisoner Birthdays this week are Stanley L. Cohen (Dec 6) and Zolo Agona Azania (Dec 12).

Tonight an unusually long Political Prisoner Radio Mix made from clips of prisoners Mumia Abu-Jamal, Asar Imhotep Amen, and Kenneth Hartman. The audio commentaries are recorded and posted by Prison Radio. Visit Prison Radio and support their work.

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