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Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, a black woman, is proposing “warrantless” searches of former prisoners in an effort to combat crime. Activists say this legislation is “scary” according to a report by The Real News.

Black Lives Matter demonstrators are constantly being called out to “care” about non-police related violence in the community. Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin, a black man that represents some of the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago is proposing some troubling measures that included flooding the streets with more cops, treating and charging murder suspects like “domestic terrorists”.

Boykin says, “I tell you what, there needs to be stronger outrage when these things happen,” Boykin said. “We need outrage from the Black Lives Matter movement, from community leaders, from pastors. We get emotional when a police officer or a white person kills a black person, but we ought to also get emotional when a black person kills another black person.” Read more at the Washington Post.

Last but not least, going back to the Washington, DC proposals and related to the story out of Chicago, activist with The Pan-African Community Association say that policing in the Black community amounts to colonialism and is not “policing” but an occupation of those communities by a hostile force.

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