The C.O.W.S. Gwen Ragsdale: Peculiar Relationships

Monday, December 14th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

1585710_1405527543.3694_multiThe Context of White Supremacy welcomes the return of Gwen Ragsdale. Mrs. Ragsdale and her husband founded the Lest We Forget Black Holocaust Slavery Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The institute is committed to ensuring the legacy of slavery be told accurately and to increase awareness of the impact of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. In addition to producing an award-winning documentary film (My Slave Sister, Myself), Mrs. Ragsdale authored a fictional account of the historical relationship between black females and White Women, Peculiar Relationships. The novel extends from the plantation era of slavery to modern times. There are several depictions of well-intentioned, “good” White Women alongside cruel, despotic damsels. We’re eager to discover what Ms. Ragsdale hopes readers learn from this book, and her own thoughts and experiences with White chics.

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