Indian rape mob kidnaps African woman, molest, strip and parade her naked in the street

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by Scotty Reid – Are Indians racists? I can not answer that question as I have never spent quality time with a person or people from populous nation of India. I find it hard to issue a blanket indictment of hundreds of millions of people as a general rule but I have read documented reports of colorism. The type of colorism that is a programmed behavior in the victims of European and American colonialism. Colorism in non-white people is sometimes conscious and unconscious biases playing out programmed by a global system predicated on white supremacy.

According to reports, the question over whether Indians are racists or not was being asked by the people themselves as it appeared to dominate social media and television shows produced in India.

Whatever the outcome of their public debate on whether or not as a people they are racist or not, but there can be no question that Indian men seem to be a rapist. A culture of rape exists in India that has been well document along with the known police corruption. Both of these cultures were on display Sunday night  when a 21-year old Tanzanian student in the city of Bangalore in southern India was pulled from a car, physically and sexually assaulted, stripped naked and forced to march down the street naked and injured.

The African student visiting from Tanzania told police that after pulling her from the vehicle the mob set it ablaze on Sunday night.

The victim also reported that a police constable stood and watched as she was ravaged by the mob but did not try to stop the attack at any time.

India’s foreign minister, Sushma Swaraj, tweeted: “We are deeply pained over the shameful incident with a Tanzanian girl in Bengaluru.” She added that she has asked the local government to “ensure safety and security of all foreign students and stringent punishment for the guilty.”

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  1. This is some major bullshit! Hell yea India is just like the Cave beast vampires. Black people we have no freaking friends with these other races. Stay in yo country with your family. That’s all you need.

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