The Lotus Place – Black Butter Love : Are you a love mate or a sex buddy?

The LotusAre you in a loving relationship or are you just a friend with benefits? F-buddy and friend with fringe benefits…. Have you met your mate’s family & friends or are you only privy to late night calls?

Tune in tonight for all things sex, love, intimacy, celibacy, & dating.

Asking someone out for an evening of intimacy…..Best Practices
We strive to help you develop happy, healthy, wholesome relationships. Call in to hear advice on relationships.


Delta Cougar responds to your letters about money, relationships, dating, career questions, love, sex, etc. in the Ask Delta segment
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Mind, Body, & Spirit w/ Mother Zola Segment… Melanin & more
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Join in the lively discussions that always take place at THE LOTUS PLACE! HOST ~BLACK ROSE

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