BTR News – Donald Trump is the lesser of evils compared to Hillary Clinton

5-5-2016 1-30-59 PMTune in for an hour of news, information and social/political commentary.

Donald Trumps has nearly secured the Republican nomination as he is the last man standing. Trump and conservatives have already pivoted to attacking Hillary Clinton on her dubious political record, bad judgement in foreign policy and her deepening email scandal that looks more and more like an impending indictment on criminal charges as a Romanian hacker who is in a US jail cell, has told news outlets, it was easy to break into Clinton’s private email server.

This has led to many of the Sander’s supporters to call on Clinton to drop out now and #HillaryDropOut was one of the top trending hash tags on Twitter.

Chicago’s top prosecutor is asking the courts to allow her to recuse herself from the case involving Officer Jason Van Dyke who murdered teenager Laquan McDonald.

As prisoners on some of America’s modern slave plantations conduct work stoppages in Texas and Alabama, Bill Clinton’s other crime bill is getting fresh scrutiny as it further stripped prisoners of so-called “constitutional rights”.

Lastly, CEO Obama was in Flint and drank some of Flint’s poisoned water that had been filtered declaring it is safe to drink. He also stated he was not there to discuss accountability and was not going to play politics with the situation.

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