BTR News – Tulsa’s Urban Safari Hunter Denied Bail After Conviction

5-6-2016 11-32-27 AM

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Robert Bates whom I dubbed the Urban Safari Hunter after he shot and killed  Eric Harris on April 2, 2015, was denied bail by a judge who sent him back to jail to await sentencing. Bates was on safari in Tulsa as a reserve Sheriffs deputy, a position many believe he got in exchange for the huge contributions he made to elect the current Sheriff who is over the jail that Bates’s attorney claims could end his client’s life. The attorney also had harsh words for an attorney for the family of the victim Eric Harris calling the man a “punk” for wanting Bates to remain in jail while he appeals his 2nd Degree Manslaughter conviction.

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As stated on the previous broadcast, wish all they might but the email scandal is not going away and threatens to worsen Hillary Clinton’s already low approval trustworthiness ratings. One of Clinton’s closest aides who worked for her at the US Statement Department was interrogated by FBI investigators and it is thought Clinton herself will be next. Huma Abedin while working for the US State Department was also working for Clinton personally, on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation and working for a lobbyist group tied to a close Bill Clinton confidant. Clinton surrogates and her campaign have been pushing a talking point claiming if Hillary Clinton broke the law but did not intend to do so, she can not be charged but of course this is pure nonsense and spin.

Next week will be the anniversary of the Poor People’s March at Lafayette Park and Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C. in June 1968. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated before the March took place which was to focus on poverty and income inequality in this the United States. However, when viewing the issue today there is only one Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, addressing the issue in a substantial manner.

Today Black and poor people who do vote, have overwhelmingly backed Hillary Clinton and have mocked Sander’s proposals of free public college tuition saying those who want it just want “free stuff”. These sentiments have been expressed by so-called educated thought leaders leading to the conclusion that they abandoned King’s dream which is far from being fulfilled.

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  1. Human Abedin better be careful. People close to the Clinton’s who know too much mysteriously end up dead. The stand out death for me is Ron Brown. But there are a few others.

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